Where did deepfakes start?

Divyendra Singh Jadoun - founder of The indian Deepfaker (TID) said, that between the years 2017-18, a person named IPEROV created a tool using many algorithms, which was named DeepFaceLab. He also has a website. He had then created this for pornography content. To date, whoever has created deepfake photos, audio or video has used the code of this tool somewhere. It has a huge community that helps each other. In our country, just one text message on whatsapp manipulates people.

The Indian deepfaker Divyendra said, 'I once put salman Khan's face on the face of a Hyderabadi comedian on Moz. I had also written in the caption that this is a deepfake. Yet people were actually considering him as salman Khan. Then I realized that many people in india still do not know what these deepfake videos are. Meaning, that if a video is made with the voice and facial expressions of a leader lip-syncing, then voters will believe that video.

Giving another example, the Indian deepfaker said, a photo had gone viral in which some players were protesting, that photo was edited with deepfake technology to show the sad faces of those players laughing and made it viral. So in this way, the entire context of that photo had changed. That means today a single image is enough to create a deepfake.

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