Former PM Dr manmohan singh has been trolled over in the past for his silence. But when we compare him to PM Modi who is more charismatic and is a very good public speaker capable of holding the pulse of the audience. Now the PM Modi's visit to the US is a hot topic not just in india but in the whole world.


Today the congress tweeter handle posted few pictures of Former PM Dr manmohan singh addressing the press in the air india One flight back on september 17 2016. Some photographs are harder to copy. The handle says as follows "Some photographs are harder to copy.   Former PM, Dr manmohan singh addressing press Conferences on board air india One."

Now netizens have come down with their counterpart making it more humorous. A user questioned if the former PM used to take journalists with them on govt expenditure as a bribe to keep giving positive news about silent PM?

 While many were focused on the images that later surfaced majorly of the whiskeys.

 Few even compared the videos of two the Prime Ministers walking down from the Plane as well to differentiate.

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