Among the crazy heroines of Tollywood, tamil actress sai pallavi has a unique style. Audiences from all walks of life have become enamored of her unique performance. Since the beginning of Sai Pallavi's career, who became known as a lady power star, she has been giving priority to performance-oriented characters with grammar rather than glamor roles. sai pallavi, who won many important awards along with her famous roles, came before the audience with the Gargi film 'Virataparvam' last year.

 These two films brought praise but failed to get success for sai pallavi at the box office. Sai Pallavi's role in these two movies became the main attraction of her performance. However, it failed to achieve the expected success at the box office. Since then, sai pallavi, who has not accepted another film, is going to say goodbye to films and will get married soon. If sai pallavi is active on social media, is sai pallavi going to say goodbye to acting as she has been silent for some time now? Fans are worried.

Even sai pallavi has not responded to the rumors against her. Is he going away from acting? .. getting ready for marriage? Doubts are heard everywhere. sai pallavi recently appeared on sony Live's new streaming show 'Nijam with Smita'. It is known that Singal Smita is acting as the host of this show. On february 10, the episode related to sai pallavi will be streaming on sony Liv.

Rana natural star nani is also participating in this episode. The teaser clip related to this has now gone viral. It seems that sai pallavi was blasted by many questions asked by Smita. A video in which sai pallavi seriously commented that physical abuse is verbal abuse has gone viral. If you look at Sai Pallavi's words, the comments are heard that it seems that she has given a bit of a strong counter to the latest rumors.

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