Paras Chhabra bought a Mercedes Benz car worth 1 crore, celebrated with Mahira Sharma

'Bigg Boss 13' fame Paras Chhabra has welcomed a new 'Mercedes Benz' car in his life. The actor celebrated the special day with his 'special girl' Mahira Sharma. Paras Chhabra bought a Mercedes Benz car worth 1 crore, celebrated with Mahira Sharma

Reality show 'Bigg Boss 13' fame Paras Chhabra has been away from the screen for a few days due to his anxiety issue, but no more. Recently, he shared a reel on social media, in which he is seen celebrating buying a new car with his good friend Mahira Sharma. In the latest instagram video, Paras was seen cutting a cake at the showroom with Mahira in celebration of their brand-new 'Mercedes Benz car. We also saw Paras taking a ride with his SUV version of 'The Mercedes Benz'. In the video, Paras also showed a glimpse of the car from inside, where a small idol of shiva and Ganapati was kept. Paras and Mahira were welcomed with bouquets of roses at the showroom and also revealed the look of the car in the video. They looked very stylish this time as Paras wore a green sweatshirt and Mahira wore a completely black dress. 

talked about his anxiety issue and told that he was not feeling well for the last few days. Paras had further said, 'After a long time I am feeling mentally healthy. I had an anxiety issue, for which I was taking therapy. Also, due to anxiety issues, I was not doing gym. I have consulted a good doctor for my mental health. I also have a good trainer to train me in the gym. When I consulted a doctor for my anxiety, he advised me that whatever I was facing was normal and with me, it was mostly due to my profession. We, actors, don't have a fixed routine and often there can be a break between two projects. In my case, the difference was a bit long. Also, I live in chandigarh and rarely go out, so according to the doctor all this was adding to the anxiety issue."

At the moment we are focusing on ourselves. We want to achieve much more. Yes, maybe someday we will become like deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh or priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas." Whereas, Mahira had said about her relationship, "Why put a tag on something? We are fine like this. We don't know what will happen in the future, but right now we are happy." They also shared about being possessive of each other, like if someone stares at them in the gym, Paras starts working out next to them. Let's do it. What else did Mahira say about Paras?

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