Rare heroines may occasionally show their prowess but then struggle to attract bids for unidentified reasons. There will be a variety of reasons why they won't receive major films, but they will still have plenty of opportunities to show their talent. Here are Meenakshi Chowdhary and Ruhani Sharma, who, although starring in HIT and HIT2 films, respectively, have yet to break through to the major leagues.

Many people predicted that Ruhani would succeed after her debut Chi La Sow, but she turned down a number of projects, claiming that the characters they offered her were not supported by the authors. She then featured in HIT and a few more films that didn't help her get much notoriety. Although wearing bikinis and deep-necked clothing to flash tremendous amounts of splendor on her instagram page, she isn't ready to do it on television.

Ultimately, she received a significant offer to perform opposite venkatesh in Saindhav, which is being directed by Sailesh Kolanu of HIT fame. Similar to this, HIT 2's Meenakshi Chaudhary, who has exhibited both beauty and acting talent in khiladi and Ichata Vahanamlu Niluparaadhu, has now been given the opportunity to work with HIT hero Vishwaksen in a new film. The lead actor is renowned for his amazing presence, therefore this will be a huge break for her career. These two HIT franchise stars will have a great break as the main leads in tollywood if these two movies go well. Let's wait and see.

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