When veteran actor ashish vidyarthi announced his second marriage to rupali Barua, everyone was taken aback. They were married in court, and only their personal family and close friends were present for the private ceremony. In response to the news of Ashish's engagement, rupali Baruah posted cryptic messages on social media that alluded to her hurt and overthinking.
On her instagram stories, Rajoshi posted two enigmatic messages. Her initial post had a message about how she would never be harmed by the proper person. "The ideal partner won't make you wonder what you mean to them. They won't do anything they know would harm you. Observe that.
The second piece, in contrast, discussed clarity and overthinking. "May the uncertainty and overthinking leave your thoughts right now. May understanding replace ambiguity. May you live in tranquilly and serenity. It's time to start getting your blessings since you've fought hard enough for so long. You merit it.

Shakuntala Barua, a bengali actress, is the mother of Rajoshi. In addition, Rajoshi is a co-founder of ashish vidyarthi & Associates, a company whose mission is to change lives via meaningful dialogue, music, and theatre. In addition, Rajoshi and ashish have a 23-year-old son named Arth Vidyarthi. Speaking about Rupali, she is an Assamese native and businesswoman.

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