TN health minister Ma. Subramanian met the press and said, "At the famed Stanley government Medical college Hospital, a generator capable of producing oxygen was erected at a cost of Rs 2 crore 16 lakh. It is designed to supply oxygen to 100 patients in the intensive care unit, in addition to corona patients. Capitol Land will also be responsible for the oxygen generator's maintenance and monitoring over the next four years.

By the end of November, we hope to have completed 100% of the first instalment immunisation. It only accounts for 85 percent of all immunizations globally. This is due to the fact that they are vaccinated and then travel to another country without really being in that country. In tamil Nadu, however, we have attained 76% of the first immunisation. The immunisation rate for the second round has reached 40%.

The chief minister is promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) at private hospitals. The programme began with the goal of providing free vaccinations in exchange for a contribution from the National Institutes of Health. So far, 23 lakh 83 thousand 340 vaccinations have been given out in private facilities. So far, the public has received 27 lakh 19 thousand 707 free immunizations. Private hospitals do not have the stock. Private hospitals in the north appear to have the coronary vaccination on hand."

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