As heavy rains avoided hyderabad on Tuesday, the city was left longing for a break from the oppressive heat. Hyderabad's citizens endured another day of record-high temperatures, as the surrounding districts celebrated in a welcome downpour.

On Tuesday, as dawn broke, the city was covered in ominous clouds that gave hope of much-needed rain. To the dismay of hyderabad residents, the forecasted showers failed to reach the entire city. Although the morning's continued cloud cover provided a brief window of relief, as the day went on, the unbearable heat returned.

In the meantime, Telangana's northern and eastern regions were hit by a flood in the morning. Highest rainfall was in the nalgonda district, where Guurampode recorded an amazing 73.3 mm of precipitation up until noon. The locals, who had been suffering from sweltering temperatures for several days, received much-needed reprieve from the downpour.

Chandur and Kanagal in the nalgonda district recorded 47.8 mm and 41.8 mm of rainfall, respectively, while Gudapur received 52.3 mm, closely trailing Guurampode in terms of rainfall.

Significant rainfall was also recorded in the following districts: Khammam, Peddapalli, Warangal, Hanumakonda, Suryapet, and Nagarkurnool. These areas delighted in the cool showers since they gave them relief from the oppressive heat. It is anticipated that the mixed-weather pattern of sporadic rain and heat would last through Wednesday. Rains are expected to take a backseat starting on thursday as the region once again experiences extreme heat.

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