The only topic of conversation at the moment in the cinema community is how filmmaker trivikram implicitly clarified the absence of #SSMB28. The release date of Pawan Kalyan's remake movie was confirmed as all of this was taking place. Here is the intriguing passage.

The remake of Vinodhaya Sitham starring Pawan Kalyan, who plays the movie's lead sai dharam tej in a supporting role, is reportedly set to open in theatres on July 28. Everyone assumes that trivikram will oversee the movie heavily till its release because he wrote the screenplay and the dialogue for it. The release of Mahesh's next film with trivikram, which was supposed to take place on august 11th, might not go as planned if that occurs, which is what the internet community is now doubting.

It appears that the movie #SSMB28 may not be released in theatres in august given the rumours that the shooting is not progressing quickly and that the producers chose not to reveal the title of the movie on Ugadi eve. Furthermore, the Vinodhaya Sitam date's confirmation has only served to fuel these rumours. Let's wait to hear from the creators directly regarding this.

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