Kamal's mass speech given as a top entry.!

The promo of Kamal making a mass entry in the bigg boss show and talking to the fans is now out. The court task is going on in the bigg boss house this week. In this, all the contestants turned into lawyers and judges and sued in court about the things happening in the bigg boss house and sought justice for it. It was also seen that some filed public interest litigation.
The contestants argued in favor of the plaintiff and the accused like some real lawyers and won appreciation among bigg boss fans. But in some cases, it was also seen that the judge sentenced some innocent people. Therefore, there were criticisms of acting with bias. Also, kamal haasan, who was admitted to the hospital and was being treated due to health problems, was discharged yesterday, will he participate in the bigg boss program today? A video of kamal haasan participating in the promo of the bigg boss show has been released.In this, the court has come across many strange cases, even some people...
In these cases, the perpetrators have been tried and the verdicts have been given. Don't you know who committed the crime? Don't want to investigate? They are so good. What can we do with them? As kamal haasan has spoken. This video is now going viral.

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