Body Chopped & Boiled: Shraddha case inspired Murder..?

After Manoj Sane, 56, was apprehended by police on wednesday for viciously dismembering and strangling his live-in girlfriend, the Mira Road murder case has been picking up momentum as more sensational information have come to light on Thursday. Saraswati Vaidya, the victim, was an orphan who once resided at an orphanage in Mumbai's Borivali, according to police sources. Ten years prior, when Sane also resided in Borivali, the two had first met in a ration store. They had kept in touch ever since.

Sources claimed that Sane ran a ration store, although that store has been closed since May 29. He hasn't gone to work at all during this time. Sane has admitted to domestic abuse occurrences occurring and says the victim killed herself. The notion has been refuted by the police, who assert that he was "influenced by the Shraddha Walkar-Aaftab Poonawala murder case." 

The alleged offender spent the following days to dispose of the body pieces after the incident on june 4. To make it simple to dispose, he cut and separated the sections. The pieces were sliced by Sane in the lavatory. The kitchen also had some fragments. One police source claimed that the body had been completely cooked.

All of the body pieces are being sought after by police, who will subsequently transport them to Mumbai's JJ hospital for an autopsy. One cutter and a few body bits, according to sources, have so far been found. The original hypothesis that stray dogs were given portions "hold no merit," a police source further stated.


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