The indian air Force is expected to receive three additional Rafale fighter jets on Wednesday, giving its fighter fleet a boost. All the three jets are about to land in Gujarat's Jamnagar, after a six-hour flight from a French airbase earlier today. A friendly air Force supplied mid-air replenishment to the three aircraft arriving from france over the Middle East.

The three additional Rafale aircraft arriving from france will bring India's Rafale fleet to 29, providing the country with more options for deploying a large number of these highly capable jets on both its northern and eastern frontiers. The last batch of Rafale aircraft, which will be the most capable of the entire fleet, will arrive next year.

The Rafale fighters can overcome enemy air defence systems and hit targets in tibet Autonomous Region. The 101st IAF Squadron is the second IAF squadron to receive Rafale aircraft. After air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari took over as Chief of air Staff earlier this month, this is the first batch of Rafales to arrive from France.

In 2016, india and france struck an inter-governmental deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter planes for Rs 59,000 crore. Ground and sea attacks, air defence and air superiority, reconnaissance, and nuclear strike deterrent are among the roles that the twin-engine Rafale fighters can perform.

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