Once you produce a successful movie, all of Tollywood's rising stars and struggling major stars after you. If you then follow it up with a major failure, the big heroes will undoubtedly never see your face. You can ask Sujith reddy of "Run raja Run" and "Saaho" fame if you still have questions about this because it happened in many directors' cases.

Sujith hasn't been able to take on any projects since the failure of Saaho, despite the fact that numerous star actors and production companies chased him after the success of Run raja Run. He was recently given the opportunity to recreate lucifer with megastar chiranjeevi, however the script alterations Sujith made didn't thrill the powerful hero, therefore Sujith is no longer in the movie.

Later, it was revealed that he and pawan kalyan would be adapting the hugely successful tamil movie "Theri." As pawan kalyan currently has no release dates for new movies, it appears that there is no room for that. According to the most recent rumours, UV Creations, Sujith's producers, are reportedly promoting the idea of remaking "Theri" with ram charan even though Sujith is getting ready to create a movie with sharwanand once more. We must, however, wait and see what decision Charan will make.

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