Salman Khan: salman is not only someone's 'brother', someone's 'life', but the little fan also reached out to the actor

Salman Khan was recently spotted at the mumbai airport. During this, the actor met one of his cute fans, who on seeing him broke the tight security and reached him. After this, the actor also hugged his little fan. watch Video.

Bollywood actor salman khan was recently spotted at the mumbai airport in his new dashing look. Meanwhile, he was walking at the airport amid tight security when a small fan (Salman Khan Fan) ran towards him. Seeing this, salman khan stopped and started waiting for him. After this, his fan came and hugged him tightly. salman khan also looked very happy. This video (Salman Khan video) is becoming increasingly viral and has won the hearts of people.

Salman Khan loves children very much. He has said this many times. Meanwhile, one of his latest videos is now going viral on social media, in which the actor was seen warmly hugging his little fan. people are not tired of praising Bhaijaan after seeing this heart-touching gesture. Viral Bhayani shared this video on his Instagram.

In this, salman khan was seen leaving the mumbai airport. Meanwhile, a small fan came towards him, seeing him, the actor stopped and warmly hugged the fan without disappointing him. During this, both of them had a big smile on their faces. While the actor's bodyguard Shera stood behind him and kept looking at the child, but the good thing is that even Shera did not stop the child. After hugging both, Shera immediately went inside the airport with salman Khan. people are praising salman a lot for this.

Seeing the video, a fan wrote, 'Mashallah...May Allah keep you safe brother.' Another wrote 'Salman sir has proved himself in the form of his slogan Being Human'. Another user wrote 'Megastar.' After receiving threats, his security has been increased considerably. For this reason, actors do not get much from fans. However, whenever he gets a chance, he impresses people with his generosity.

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