One of the top producers in the telugu film industry is Venkata ramana Reddy, also known as "Dil" Raju. After establishing himself as a distributor and producer, he was able to compete with established studios like suresh productions within 20 years. He is still one of the most influential producers in South cinema today.

Recently, Radha krishna of abn andhra jyothi invited him for an interview. He said several intriguing things in the interview regarding the business, his choices, his way of life, and the people who were involved in the controversies that surrounded him. He started off by talking about how his first name, ramana Reddy, changed to "Dil" Raju and why he decided to make movies rather than sell them to make money.

He also mentioned how his career experienced both ups and downs. He had eight legendary hit streaks, followed by three flops, which made up for this hit streak. He added that it is hard to adhere to one decision as a "whole" and that declaring that "we are a family of cinema" is obvious given that no one does. He added that he knows who is responsible for the "Varisu" controversy. It appears that the interview may spark some debates & discussions!

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