On october 5th, Chiranjeevi's "Godfather" will be released. It is well known that it is a replica of Mohan Lal's successful malayalam film Lucifer. Many audience members were able to view this on amazon PrimeVideo thanks to the lockdowns that occurred during the Corona pandemic. In fact, the bulk of viewers watch movies on this particular OTT platform because the subscription costs are low. In addition, there was a telugu version of the movie lucifer that many Telugus around the world saw. The telugu adaptation of "The Godfather" is now available!

In some ways, lucifer is a classic. There is a widespread opinion that remakes of classic films should not be done. The movie has a distinctive plot that works well for Kerala. christianity and Communism are the two main nativity-related themes of the movie. It is apparent that other native telugu features may have taken the place of these two. lucifer might be a communist, but he lacks that foundation.

In the first half, Mohan Lal makes an appearance for about 10 to 15 minutes, but his major drama doesn't start until the second act. The screenplay may have adjusted to make more room for the megastar because the crowd who has come to see Chiranjeevi's movie cannot tolerate this. In addition to this, chiranjeevi is most known for his comedic roles. However, neither has any room in this plot.

The salman khan and chiranjeevi song only appears during the rolling titles. It is inevitable to compare the two movies, so we're really just crossing our fingers. From VV Vinayak to a number of renowned filmmakers, lucifer had passed through numerous hands until chiranjeevi ultimately locked the Mohan Raja script. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what modifications were made to customise it specifically for Chirajeevi. Despite not being dubbed into telugu, many telugu viewers watched Ayyappayum Koshiyum prior to the release of Bheemla. Nevertheless, the movie was warmly reviewed even though it wasn't ultimately successful. Here, lucifer was accessible in a telugu dub, so it will be interesting to compare how the telugu remake is received by the people.

In terms of other important casting, satya Dev, a talented actor, is playing the part of vivek Oberio in this film. Can satya dev rival Chiranjeevi's fame? Can he balance the pressure of playing Nayantara's husband on screen? Only after the release do we receive the answers. vivek Oberoi's character exhibits some incest cruelty in the malayalam version, whereas satya dev engages in lewd conduct with Nayantara's sister here in Telugu. Can this character's brutality survive this change? Overall, there are a lot of concerns and hopes about The Godfather. Only on october 5th do the suspenseful scenes come to an end.

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