The producer of the huge hit RRR, DVV Danayya, has finally addressed the suspicions surrounding the movie's oscar campaign. Danayya was reportedly excluded from the celebrations as director SS rajamouli spent around Rs 80 crores out of his own budget on the drive. The speculations spread widely on social media starting from the moment rajamouli started visiting the USA by himself. Danayya finally broke the hush on the subject.

Danayya refuted these allegations, claiming that he had not contributed any funds to the campaign and was not aware of what had transpired. He also rejected the notion that anyone would shell out a tonne of cash for an awards ceremony. Danayya mentioned that his long-held dream of working with pawan kalyan on a film was about to come true. He said that sujeeth would be directing the upcoming sleek action comedy picture, and that production would shortly begin.

Danayya has worked as a producer in the industry for many years. She has produced a number of high-profile, big-budget movies. Notwithstanding his contributions to RRR, some biassed media have claimed that rajamouli purposefully ignored Danayya in order to dominate the Oscars spotlight. Danayya denied these accusations and proudly claimed credit for producing the film RRR, which won over viewers all over the world and earned the nation an Oscar.

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