Currently bigg boss Season 5 is gaining popularity day by day. Interesting elements are becoming more and more common. Conflicts, love affairs, sentiment, criticism between the contestants in the house, all these are one above the other. And yesterday 's episode sentiment dose was a bit high. siri claims her suffering. Shanmukh had recently stopped talking to him and was angry that he did not care much if greeted. 

Shanmukh cried that it would be very sad if nothing was said. After a while, while Jaswant and Shanmukh were sitting and talking, siri was leaving, Jaswant called siri and said, "Sit like this, siri is sitting next to Shanmuk without sitting down."

If Jaswant is going to open his mind and give you a shake hand, siri will walk away. Then Jaswant Shanmukh got up yourself and gave Sirik a hug and immediately Shanmuk suddenly asked if he would give her a kiss after that. When the audience heard this, they wondered if Shanmukh really had such a good sense of speech. All this aside, why did Shanmuk say such a thing to Siri. Is there really anything between them and for that sarayu said, "It seems that he entered the house with a well-spoken plan."

After that, bigg boss gave him a task called Swim Zara Swim in the house. This is a captaincy task, Shweta Verma, Ravi, Jaswant and Shri ram Chandra participated as contestants. The pool contains alphabets. The word "Captain" is written on each table outside. Whoever finishes the word first will be the winner as well as the home captain this week. The competition between the contestants was fierce and in the end Jashwant finished first and became the winner. Shriram was somewhat missed. After that Jashwant started showing his power across the house. All in all, chanti is a child who is ready to rule everything as a little captain.

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