rashmika mandanna submitted a photo of her passport with the caption "going long off" on Instagram. We have unique knowledge that rashmika is travelling to the united states to ratify Vijay Deverakonda, who is filming for Liger. "This time somewhat away from you but will be back very soon," she stated beside a photo of her passport. She quickly followed up with another selfie on the aeroplane, asking fans to guess where she was going.

The response, for the time being, is still awaited and she gave a clue with the song california and intimated she is going to the USA. And this was not the first time rashmika has accompanied Vijay on set. Earlier, the starlet visited goa while the artist was filming his new movie Liger there. One of the most popular on-screen pairings is vijay deverakonda and rashmika Mandanna. In films like geetha Govindham and Dear Comrade, they have captivated audiences with their smouldering romance.

Vijay and rashmika have a fantastic on-screen chemistry, but they also have a great off-screen chemistry. Despite the fact that they never confirmed their friendship, Vijay and rashmika referred to one other as best friends and 4AM pals on countless occasions.

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