Prabhas desperately needs a commercial hit to rekindle his box office magic. Since Salaar is his most anticipated release to date, the stakes are obviously enormous. A new prabhas project that has been rumoured for some time has recently gained traction on social media. The project in question stars siddharth anand, whose Pathaan, which was just launched and is causing mayhem at the box office.

The prabhas and siddharth anand collaborative project is being conceptualised by Mythri movie Makers, according to their announcement. The popularity of this is currently growing among Prabhas's followers. Pathaan is expected to break box office records after Siddharth's latest movie, War, became a box office smash. Expectations will be high if he does soon team up with an action star like Prabhas. prabhas can benefit greatly from this project being seen as a sure thing.

With Pathaan, which is rumoured to be packed with commercial highs, siddharth has won over action movie fans. The current demand from Prabhas's followers is for this. Therefore, it would seem like prabhas made the correct choice at the appropriate time. The box gross potential is practically limitless if siddharth includes prabhas in the Spy-verse he established with Pathaan. prabhas now has more career options in bollywood as a result.

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