Apple, the developer of the iphone, has enlisted renowned director vishal bharadwaj to help them expand into the indian market. He created the 30-minute musical short film "Fursat," which is currently being played on Apple's YouTube channel and receiving praise from a number of famous people.

This short film by vishal bharadwaj, which was entirely shot on an iphone 14 Pro, may inspire many young filmmakers to follow his example. ishaan Khattar, who is portrayed by Wamika Gabbi, is a sci-fi hero who can predict the future and wants to protect his girlfriend from a train heist. Some of the iPhone-shot images are actually garnering more attention than the narrative. The music, score, and lyrics by gulzar and vishal bharadwaj are also creating waves at the same time.

However, we have to admit that the sights are magnificent when compared to backdrops like undersea, desert, Rajasthani palaces, and other settings. Everyone is now praising vishal for adopting the mind process of the younger generation by deciding to shoot something on an iPhone. But we'll have to wait and watch whether a new director will receive a similar response if he films a film or short on an iPhone.

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