To promote the new release date for akhil Akkineni's Agent, the production team unveiled a new trailer. Film enthusiasts are eager to see the movie since akhil can be shown in action and beast form. One of the most eagerly awaited movies is Agent, and akhil has placed all of his expectations in it. To fit the part, he underwent a significant bodily alteration. But it takes more than simply physical change to make an effect as the main character in such a major movie.

Sundeep Kishan, for instance, underwent significant physical change for the recently released Michael. He worked really hard, but the results on the big screen are not promising. sundeep kishan was portrayed as a terrifying mobster, but the projections failed because he isn't yet of movie age and persona. He feels that the role is too huge for him to pull off. Despite all of the assistance from the Agent director and technical team, akhil is the one who must perform.

It may be his best and only opportunity to establish himself as a starring man, therefore he must do well as an actor and prove himself in Agent. We just need to wait and see if akhil can do it.

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