Samantha shares the terrible symptoms of 'Myositis'..!?

Actress samantha openly shared that she suffered from myositis last year. She is taking continuous treatment for myositis. She has now shared the hardships she faced since her illness. Actress samantha comes from a humble background. Her interviews are reassuring. In recent interviews, she has shared her sufferings due to the disease. She has also said that she experienced unspeakable hardships for almost 3 months. She has also said that she is thinking of taking a break from acting for some time as her health is deteriorating. In this post, you can see what kind of disease she suffered from myositis.
Samantha's health deteriorated due to myositis. To what extent her muscles were in excruciating pain? Her bones were weak and she was exhausted. Some days even getting out of bed is difficult for Samantha. samantha herself said that she thought many times to fight against that laziness and disability. She also said that samantha was suffering from severe migraines. She also shared that even doing normal activities is difficult due to this headache. In an interview, samantha said that one day she is puffy, one day she is fat, and one day she is sick. She has no control over her appearance. Not only that, but she also experienced pain in her eyes.In her struggle with myositis, samantha has experienced severe eye pain. She wakes up from bed in the morning with pinprick pain in her eyes. Severe pain in her eyes, and swollen eyes, and it worse for a few days. She has been suffering from this for the last 8 months, samantha said in an interview. If the pain in the eyes is not for days but for months... who can bear it? A person with myositis can face many difficulties. Weakness and even falling down. Even walking and standing can be difficult after contracting myositis. They get very tired after walking or standing for a while. samantha is no exception. On her social media, samantha regularly shares about her illness. She also shared that she felt weak and experienced pain in her muscles. Her fans are upset that this struggle should end.

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