Magunta Raghava, the son of ysr congress party mp from Ongole Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy, was detained in connection with the sensational delhi liquor scam, which has caused a stir in political circles. If the national capital's reports are to be believed, Bharat Rashtra Samithi MLC kalvakuntla kavitha is the next target of the Centre. According to the sources, Kavitha, the daughter of telangana chief minister K chandrasekhar Rao, is about to be summoned to delhi by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for questioning. Based on the information that is now available, the cbi may even decide to place her under arrest.

According to sources, the cbi has been proceeding strategically in the delhi liquor case and has been apprehending key suspects one by one in a methodical manner, without giving the appearance that it is persecuting the Bharatiya Janata Party's political enemies. According to sources, the arrests of the directors of the Aurobindo group Sharat Chandra Reddy, the Indo-Spirit group sameer Mahendru, abhishek Boinpally, and the former chartered accountant of Kavitha's business activities Gorantla Butchibabu were made one after the other with the intention of assembling solid evidence against Kavitha.

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