Because UPI transactions take place over the internet, you'll need active internet connectivity to make a payment. And, in most cases, it is smooth. Is it conceivable, although, that you are in an area in which the internet access is non-existent or extremely slow? In certain circumstances, transacting using UPI or any of the UPI applications that enable it becomes nearly difficult. However, there is also some great information that many of you may not be aware of: UPI may be used without an internet connection. All you have to do is call the USSD code *99# from your device's dialer.

This *99# service is available to all cellphone owners in India, even those who do not own a smartphone. You may utilise the *99# service to access all UPI features as long as you're a part of the UPI environment as well as the device you're utilizing has the authorized phone number associated with your UPI accounts. This *99# is an urgent function for smartphone owners who are without internet, and it is the sole method for function phone users to utilise any of the UPI capabilities.

Before you begin, double-check that the mobile number originally enrolled with UPI is the same as the one associated with your savings account as well as being the same as the phone on which you will utilise the *99# service.

1. Go to your device's dialer and dial *99#. Next, press the ‘Call' button.

2. A menu will appear with a variety of options, including for transferring cash. After that, hit ‘1' and then ‘Send.'

3. Next, choose the details you have of the person who will receive the money, enter in the phone number, and then hit Send.

4. Tap send after entering the seller's cellphone number that's also linked to the UPI accounts.

6. In the next pop-up, provide a payment note - this might clarify why you're completing the payment, such as groceries.

7. To finalise the transaction, enter your UPI pin.

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