samantha Ruth Prabhu, a well-known actress, took some time off from her career after learning she had the autoimmune condition known as Myositis. She recently started working again after getting better. But samantha continued to concentrate on the hindi project instead of her abandoned film. The lead actress in Vijay Deverakonda's forthcoming movie kushi is Samantha.

This shiva Nirvana-directed film's filming was put on hold when samantha was told she had myositis. It was stated that the shooting will resume as soon as samantha was feeling better. samantha decided to continue shooting for Citadel rather than continuing Kushi's shoot. With this maneuver, Kushi's shot is further postponed. Vijay has been working nonstop on this project. He must alter his appearance and body for his upcoming film with gautham Tinnanuri, therefore he can only move on after finishing Kushi.

Samantha or the producers ought to be transparent with the fans regarding the restart of Kushi's filming rather than keeping quiet about its status. Another busy day in hollywood saw our stars being sucked into the commotion. Actor Shah Rukh Khan had to get back to work after posting a Rs 670 crore week at the box office. The tenacious and aggressive samantha Ruth Prabhu joined the secret services today and unveiled her Citadel outfit. Stay tuned for all the specific details.

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