Jr. ntr has made it known that he takes a unique stance on any issue involving his grandfather, politics, or any other topic. He is not repeating anything Lokesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, or the tdp have said. Only when his family or a member of his family is mentioned in political scandals has he responded.

When his aunt Bhuvaneswari's name was mentioned, he answered. He then gave his viewpoint over the ntr health University's rebranding. The young tiger demonstrated that his position differs from that of the tdp by claiming that the action taken by andhra pradesh chief minister ys jagan mohan reddy will not elevate YSR's status or diminish NTR's notoriety. Unlike tdp, he just expressed his disapproval of the university's renaming instead of disparaging YSR. ntr is interested in politics. In the future, he will enter politics actively. He, however, does not desire to be Chandrababu Naidu's puppet. He then made his decision.

In spite of opposition, the andhra pradesh government led by ys jagan mohan reddy enacted a bill renaming the ntr university of health Sciences (UHS) as ysr UHS. tdp founder and former chief minister NT Rama Rao founded the university in 1986. The university has been renamed in honour of jagan Mohan Reddy's late father, YS Rajasekhara Reddy. According to the chief minister, his father, an MBBS physician, was responsible for establishing three new medical colleges in the state while serving as chief minister between 2004 and 2009.

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