Huge change may happen the world of sports!!!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now planning to buy a football team after the twitter deal was canceled. He has also announced this from Twitter. He has informed on twitter that he is soon going to buy the popular football club Manchester United. Let us tell you that bumrah has been seen many times supporting this club. Ronaldo plays from this club itself. With this announcement, speculation has started once again on social media. Some people are calling it a joke and some are congratulating Musk.

Elon Musk's tweet caused a stir in social media

Actually, Musk is often in the news due to his funny tweets. He had tweeted related to politics before the tweet of buying the football club. He wrote, I support half the republican party and half the Democratic. After this he made another tweet, 'Yes, let me tell you that I am going to buy Manchester United. Welcome!'

Apart from this, Musk has not given any information in the tweet and due to this speculation has started. Some people are also considering it a funny tweet while some people feel that it is really true.

Who is the owner of Manchester United right now?

Manchester United is one of the most famous club in the world. At present, the ownership of this club is with the Glaser family of America. According to reports, the value of this football club is up to $ 2.08 billion. The Glaser family bought this club in the year 2005 for $ 86 million. Many famous football players have been associated with this club. Ronaldo also plays for this club.

Fans have been outraged over the way the Glaser family ran the club. Often the fans keep expressing their anger to change the owners. If Musk is really buying it, then it could prove to be a huge change in the world of sports.

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