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The fact that the Beast movie was not included in the list of hit movies posted on the red Giant Movies twitter page has come as a shock to the fans. Udayanithi stalin, the theater distributor of the Beast movie starring commander Vijay, said that it was a success, grossing over Rs 110 crore.

Meanwhile, on the official twitter page of red Giant Movies, a photo taken by Udayanithi stalin with the workers who worked behind the success of these films was shared, mentioning the 5 hit films released this year.

The post mentioned films like FIR starring vishnu Vishal, Kathuvakkula two love starring Vijay Sethupathi, Don starring Sivakarthikeyan, vikram starring world hero Kamal Haasan and Justice for the chest starring Udayanithi Stalin. But the absence of the best film starring commander Vijay has come as a shock to everyone.

You said that the Beast movie was a box office success and fans are questioning whether the movie would not have been a blockbuster if it was not for the Beast movie on the hit list. And there is no answer on the part of Udayanidhi stalin to the question asked by the fans that everything you declared then as a victory was a lie.

With the Beast movie's theatrical release last April, fans were dissatisfied with the lack of emphasis on the story. And the director of the film Nelson has been criticized by fans till now. However, the Beast movie has been a huge disappointment to fans who thought it was a blockbuster.

The red Giant production company, which has been releasing movies in theaters for the past year, has honored the company's first-time employees by taking photos and posting them on its twitter page.

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