Vijay film actress pregnant at the age of 43..! Viral Photo..!

Vijay has been a leading actor in the world of tamil cinema for many years. From the films that appeared in his acting to the heroines, everything is getting good reception among the people. In that way, actor bipasha basu is the one who won the hearts of people by acting in Sachin's film with Vijay. She has been acting since 2001. She is also a model. In tamil, she acted in the last year 2005 film Sachin. It was through this film that bipasha basu entered the world of tamil cinema and became popular among the masses.
In this film, Vijay, along with Genelia, Vadivelu and many other actors were acting. And this film is directed by john Mahendran. After this film, actor bipasha basu did not act in any other tamil film. And he focused more on bollywood films. Accordingly, she acted in many films in bollywood and became a famous actress. Meanwhile, the news that actress bipasha basu was in love with actor john abraham went viral. In this way, actress bipasha basu fell in love with her co-star karan singh grover in the 2015 film Alone. The two were in love and later got married in 2016. Even after marriage, karan and bipasha basu acted together in the web series Dangers. Actress bipasha basu, who is always active on social media, has recently been posting photos and videos on social media. In that way, she has now posted a beautiful photo on her instagram page showing that she is pregnant. In this photo, she is posing with her husband. They started this life separately and then they met each other and from then on they bonded. They who were once two will now be three. A creation born of their love for this earth, their child will soon join them and add joy to them. Many bollywood celebrities and fans are congratulating bipasha basu after this post was released on social media. Also, this post of her is going viral on social media.

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