Allari Naresh's Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam, a straight film, and two dubbed movies, All Arvind-backed Thodelu, a telugu adaptation of bollywood blockbuster Bhediya, and dil Raju-backed "Love Today," a runaway hit from tamil, debuted in telugu theatres the other day (Friday). In any case, how are these movies performing at the telugu box office?

The tamil movie "Love Today" surprised young people, as was to be expected, and by friday night, the movie's popularity had skyrocketed. On Saturday, you can see young people going to telugu states' movie theatres to see this film. The plan of dil raju to show the movie in all reputable A, B, and C theatres worked out quite nicely. In fact, the craze for the movie has gone several leaps higher.

This brings up Thodelu, who was backed by Allu Arvind. The movie's telugu debut saw abysmal attendance, but bollywood theatres have experienced a significant increase. Despite being released by Arvind in a considerable number of theatres, this movie has been negatively impacted by a lack of publicity. Collections for this movie are reportedly underwhelming right now. Itlu Maredumilli Niyojakavargam, a telugu movie, had a mediocre start and it might take some time for the audience to be drawn in by the film's serious subject matter. The openings are currently merely adequate, and we must wait and see if they improve by the weekend.

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