One of the most delayed films in the annals of modern tamil cinema is dhruva Natchathiram, the eagerly awaited spy thriller starring Chiyaan Vikram. gautham Vasudev menon is the project's director, and it began filming in 2017 following a protracted pre-production and re-casting period. However, financial difficulties and creative conflicts between director gautham Menon and the production company caused the vikram starrer to be further delayed. The most recent information, though, indicates that dhruva Natchathiram will open soon in theatres.

According to reports, the long-delayed patchwork shoot for the eagerly anticipated project was finally completed by director gautham Vasudev Menon. According to rumours, the team was wrapping up the post-production on the Chiyaan Vikram-starring movie at the same time. In that scenario, we can now affirm that dhruva Natchathiram's production is now approaching its conclusion.

The most recent information indicates that gautham Menon, the filmmaker, and his crew are pleased and confident with the finished product, and they are now eager to premiere the movie in the summer of 2022. The project's creators, who acknowledged that it is nearing completion, shared a brand-new dhruva Natchathiram poster on social media on Tuesday. The poster stars Chiyaan vikram as the lead.

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