After returning from the united states following the #Oscars95 event, famed filmmaker SS rajamouli doesn't appear to be publicly enjoying the triumph of his film or song, other than posing for the media and photographers at hyderabad airport. Yet it appears that some of the family members were present when they gave him Keeravani's trophy as a welcome home present.

We could see how rajamouli, keeravani, and their spouses were received by their relatives at their home's car parking area in an unique video posted by Arshiya Khayyum, the wife of comedian Ali's brother Khayyum. There are also some members of the industry who are close to rajamouli there, as well as some assistant directors who worked on the movie.

In addition, keeravani and rajamouli proudly displayed their Oscar, HCA, and Golden Globe awards to the partygoers, and they all took turns praising rajamouli for making india proud. Also, numerous locals from the neighbourhood where Rajamouli's family resides have joined the celebration. The success of RRR's song Naatu Naatu at the Oscars 2023 has not yet made india happy. To the joy of millions of desis, MM keeravani and chandrabose brought home the prized trophies. The rrr presence at the 2023 Oscars was enormous.

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