"We do not say anywhere that the governors are the powerful. We give full respect to the elected government. At the same time, the governors have personality; they have power. The rulers should accept that," said tamilisai soundararajan, the governor of telangana and the deputy governor of Puducherry. She gave an exclusive interview.

While growing up as a political leader, you were suddenly appointed as the governor. How has the governorship affected your personal life?

As you said, in the midst of intense political activity, suddenly being appointed as the governor was a huge surprise to me. Earlier, when such an opportunity came to the great leaders of our party, they said that they don't want the governorship now because they want to be in active politics. It happened when I was the party leader. As for me, I will not deny anything. I never sought any of the positions and responsibilities that I got in the movement I belonged to. That's how it came to me. I always have a desire to perform well in the responsibilities that come my way.

I was the bjp state president for five and three-quarter years. It seems that during that period, whether I have slept properly, eaten properly, dressed properly. Even so, I had a habit of dressing smartly as a doctor. But when I was the party leader, my actions were to the extent that everyone admired and criticized them. They even criticized him for keeping his head flat.

Since I was given the post of chairman, I worked so hard without paying attention to anything. I was thinking of bringing the party forward somehow. Therefore, if I get a responsibility I will not refuse it; I will work hard. Since joining the bjp as a grassroots member, it is me who has gradually risen through the ranks, holding positions at the regional level, state level, and national level.

When the governorship came, even my well-wishers, now, at this age should you accept that position? They said that they will be in politics for another 10-15 years and then accept it. But I saw it as an opportunity. Another reason why I took up the post of governor was that my mother was very hurt when I lost the Thoothukudi constituency during the parliamentary elections. They regretted that even after working so hard, there were repeated failures without recognition. So, I accepted the governorship as a challenge. I assumed the post with full satisfaction.

After acceptance, the governor must remain within 4 walls? No law says that. Therefore, I acted with the idea that we can transform the post of governor into a post that works for the people. Because of that people started calling raj bhavan as Praja Bhavan there. They say the same even now. I have become a people's governor, meeting people in the name of Praja Durbar, receiving complaints from them, being a bridge between the government and the people, adopting 6 villages inhabited by tribal people, meeting the youth.

How do you feel now about your well-wishers not accepting what they said then?

I think I made the right decision. Let me tell you some unsaid things. In our movement one can only be a leader for 6 years. It was time to complete 6 years. After about 6 years as the main figure of a party, what is our position after that? How are we going to be? Can we only be in the position of ex-leader? Isn't the next opportunity for change just around the corner? How are we going to take our political life? Such questions kept arising in the mind. When one retires, what is one's state of mind? Even though I was not of retirement age, all such questions kept coming up.

That is why I agreed even when well-wishers told me not to accept the post of governor. I saw the governorship as an opportunity. Besides, I am used to listening to what the prime minister says and what the party leadership says. So, I think the fit is good. I believe that this is the opportunity that god has given me to gain various experiences. How are the principals? What are the different leaders like? I have come to know that. If not, when can I go and see telangana politics? How could pondicherry have seen politics?

What difference do you feel between being in public life as a politician and being in public life as a governor?

There are many differences. There was no protocol during party work. If someone calls on the phone and there is a problem, I will answer immediately

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